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How to turn £200 into £7,000

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A few years ago, one of our advertisers wrote to me to tell me that, regretfully, they were going to have to cancel their advert. They just weren’t getting enough responses and bookings to justify their investment. I was upset because I knew, with certainty, that Toddle About was the right place for her to advertise. This article is all about how an advert re-design turned things around for her - and how you can transform the results you are seeing from your adverts in the same way.

How to survive - and thrive - through this recession

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There’s no doubt about it – in the current economic climate, things are getting tough for many businesses. Consumers are already tightening their belts, which means you and your competitors are trying to sell to a shrinking number of prospects. And, whilst things will get better eventually, we’re going to be in this storm for a little while yet. Sadly, this means some businesses will end up closing their doors. But this isn’t a message of doom and gloom. You see, some businesses will find a way to thrive in this storm – this happens in every recession, in every economic downturn. And all the businesses that survive it will be leaner and stronger because of it. So how do you navigate your business through the storm? Read on to find out