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4 Tips and Tricks for Taking Amazing Photos of Your Toddler

So you have cute kids. Why is it so hard to get cute photos of them?

The toddler years of your child's life are incredible. You are probably excited to witness their first steps, cute words, and other milestones. It is only natural that you want to capture every moment of their lives on camera.

However, toddler photos are sometimes less adorable than you would like. Taking amazing photos is a lot easier said than done. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you.

1. Aim for Candid Photos

If you’ve tried taking a photo of your toddler, you understand how difficult it can be for them to sit still. Fortunately, you can skip the canned smiles and cute poses. Consider taking in-the-moment shots instead.

Kids don't want to pose and smile for your camera. If you force them to, you will likely end up with unpleasant photos. Take photos of your kids playing outside, eating their favourite snacks, or talking to their friends. This is the best way to capture their raw emotions.

Additionally, using a free image background remover in photos can help focus on your child's expressions and actions, making the pictures even more memorable.

2. Experiment With the Focal Point

Even the cutest smile and loveliest outfit will get lost if your photo is under or over-exposed. Experiment with the focal point and establish the best exposure for your image. You can change the focus of your phone camera by tapping the screen a few times.

3. Style With Solids

Find a way to style your kid with solid colours. If you plan to photograph your toddler, pay attention to their clothes. They play a critical role in the overall aesthetics.

Instead of clothing with graphics and writing, stick to solid colours. If you go with patterns, choose stripes or plaid and keep them to a minimum. For example, if your toddler is in patterned shorts, pair them with a solid-colour top.

Avoid neon colours as they might cause unwanted colour casts on the skin. Pastel colours look great on most skin tones.

Pay attention to the background as well. What colours will be popping? If, for example, the background has a lot of greenery, don’t dress your toddler in green clothing.

4. Encourage Expressions

You want your toddler’s photos to look as natural as possible. Engaging them is the best way to get great expressions for candid pics. Ask them questions, tell jokes, and watch their little personality pop.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Photo

So you have just taken the most beautiful photos of your toddler. What next? Great photos are made, not taken. Subtle changes can have a significant impact. Here are a few ways to make the most of your photos.

1. Create a Photobook

Consider making a photo book with amazing photos of your toddler. A photo book can help you preserve memories and document your child's journey. Even as your kids grow, you can always return to their favourite childhood memories. Check out Mixbook's website and create a photo book.

2. Display On Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great for creating a relaxed, effortless look. Consider using them to display your toddler's photos. You can stack a few frames close to each other for a laid-back feel. Alternatively, you can use them to add a pop of colour.

3. Customise a Blanket

Consider customising a blanket with your toddler’s photo on it. Pick a photo and adjust the contrast and resolution to meet your needs. Photo blankets are not only beautiful but also functional. Your toddler will love one. 

In conclusion, taking amazing photos of your toddler is difficult but not impossible. Consider the above tips and tricks to get the most of your photo sessions.