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4 Tips for Building an Unforgettable Toddlers’ Play Den

If you have a toddler who loves getting into mischievous play, building them a play den could help them keep out of trouble while also stimulating their key motor skills.

If you want to build your child a play den, here are four tips for creating one that will grow with them, and keep them occupied.

1. Make it Interactive

An interactive play den will help children to develop cognitive and motor skills using their hands to operate parts that spin or move.

Not only will this keep them entertained for hours, but it will help to provoke their curiosity and imagination during play time.

For example, during the summer, you could use a blow up paddling pool to play magnetic fishing - simply glue small magnets to fish shapes, attach a second magnet to the end of a small pole or stick and race to see who can catch the most fish!

This activity should be supervised by a responsible adult, but it can provide some beneficial bonding time between you and your little one and create some precious memories.

2. Build an Outdoor Play Den

Indoor play dens can be incredibly versatile, and excellent for entertaining your little ones during every season, but building an outdoor den is great for the warmer summer months when your toddler will want to explore the great outdoors.

As spring is coming, you could teach your toddler how to plant seeds into pots, and decorate each pot with paints to make them bright and colourful for flowers in the summer.

Many garden centres and home improvement shops like Homebase have a selection of seeds and pots ready for you to start your planting adventure with your little ones. With over 150 stores nationwide, it’s easy to find one nearby for all your garden needs.

3. Consider the Longevity of Your Play Den

If you have multiple small children, you may wish to build a play den that will last all the way through each child’s younger years.

By using high quality components from companies like Accu, you can feel assured that your child’s play den will stand the test of time for many years to come. Accu supplies a wide variety of washers, screws, nuts and hand tools amongst many other durable options so you can create your child’s dream play den in no time.

Whether you’re attaching interactive objects to your play den, securing a structure together, or simply building a seat for your little one to rest on, ensuring you have the highest quality fixtures and fittings will help you make the most out of your creation for longer.

4. Decorate Your Den!

Enlist your child’s help to decorate their play den whether you choose to paint your outdoor den, or cover your indoor den in beautiful fabric and decorate with drawings or paintings.

Getting your child involved in decorating will help them to feel included in the plans, and will allow them to express their creativity and individuality.