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((BOUNCE)) Wickham Market

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((BOUNCE)) classes are high intensity, low impact workouts performed on mini trampolines. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and fierce, making the time spent in class welcoming, sociable and seriously effective 🙌

We offer child friendly classes meaning the kiddies are welcome to come and join in if we have a trampoline free! If not, they can sit and watch with toys and snacks etc! 

It is also fully inclusive, if you can jump, you can join! Offering a full body workout, it is suitable for any level of fitness as we always give low options and adaptations where available 🧘‍♀️ 

((BOUNCE)) is 3 times more effective than floor based exercise due to gravity and G- force. We challenge you to come to class and leave without a smile! 😀😀

Main Address: Wickham Market Primary School, Dallinghoo Road, Wickham Market, Suffolk, IP13 0RP


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