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Baby Steps is a community of Mamas from in and around Coventry & Warwickshire. We get together each week to walk and talk about the ups (and downs) of Mamahood and trust me, there's no such thing as TMI or judgement here! We have laughed, cried, and partied together since March 2020 and there's no stopping us now. 

We host monthly parties for our parents/grandparents and babies (up to 4 years) to make new friends, explore our sensory areas, dive in to our brand new soft play or relax in our reading nook. And we don't stop there, once every few months we get to let our hair down with a Mamas brunch which you don't want to miss out!

Want to through a party of event of your own? We've got you covered for the entertainment with our new soft play hire. Just drop us on Instagram or Facebook and we'll get you booked in! 

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