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Review: Eufy Robo Vac 11S Max, worth £239.99

Reviewed by Lorraine Holmes, from Toddle About HQ.

After being offered the chance to review this Robo Vac I jumped at the chance as I was getting to the stage where my sweeping brush was going out more than I was!

With a family of 4 plus a dog, our house does gather a fair amount of daily mess and dirt with people coming in and out and adding a dog into the mix who loves to leave her fur around wherever she goes I was constantly sweeping up, to the point that I could be sweeping between 5-10 times a day (mainly due to the dog malting), but I can honestly say that in the 1st week of having the Robo Vac I swept just once, yes I couldn’t believe it either and that was only to ensure that the floor was completely clean of mess before I mopped (blimey my life sounds fun doesn’t it

A massive bonus, well for me at least, is that because my husband saw this as a ‘gadget’ he wanted to have a play and I had to keep pinching myself when, over the first few days of having the Robo Vac he was doing more hoovering than he had ever done in the 19 years we had been together, even both of my children (17 & 4) wanted to join in, now in my eyes that is a massive win win!!! OK, so when I say they did the hoovering, it is literally the touch of a button to start up the hoover and it does everything else itself, it honestly is my new best friend (I really do need to get out more don’t I?)

The Robo Vac 11S Max is very simple and easy to use, so much so that my 4 year old had learnt what the different buttons on the remote control did in less than an hour and most mornings he will come down the stairs and start up ‘Robbie the Robo Vac’.

There are so many great features to this product, it has a 4-point cleaning system which works on multiple surface types and the settings are Auto, Spot, Edge or a 30 minute quick clean so you can set it to do exactly what you want it to do and what is great about this hoover is that it quiet so it doesn’t disturb or annoy you when it is doing it’s job, it has a washable filter which makes it really easy to maintain and when the Robo Vac is running low on battery it will automatically return to the base to recharge.

The Robo Vac also has an Anti-scratch tempered glass-top for protection, an infrared-sensor for avoiding obstacles, and a drop-sensing tech to avoids falls meaning you even leave the Robo Vac running up stairs knowing that it isn’t going to come bouncing back down when it reaches the top edge of the stairs.

As you may have guessed that I absolutely love this product and would highly recommend this to anyone, a few of my friends have already seen this and asked me if it is any good and where they can get one from and I know that one of them have already gone out and purchased one for themselves.

If you like the sound of this and would like to find out more about the range of Robo Vacs available and how you can purchase, then visit