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Review: Snuggly Rascal Headphones, £14.99

Snuggly Rascal HeadphonesReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Carla Burrows. We were really excited to find the Snuggly Rascal headphones had come through our letter box when we returned from holiday. The tester was my newly turned 4 year old Evie and she wanted to put them on straight away. The cute cuddly design was a real hit with Evie as was the soft texture of the material as with many preschoolers any thing remotely itchy is not going to be tolerated. Whilst getting the earphones positioned right is something that will take a bit of practice for the younger user, I was very impressed by this feature as it will make them longer lasting and it is a real bonus that they can be removed so that you can wash the headband, another requirement for small children.

Evie found them to be very comfortable and was happy to wear them in the car so that she could play on her tablet on a long car journey without disturbing her baby brother. It was also comforting for us to know that the volume was limited so there were no worries about damaging her ears. Evie does not like having anything in her ears so having flat speakers that rest next to the ear is a great choice for her giving her a bit more freedom to enjoy her tablet whilst we are on the move and listen to her stories and music on her cd player. Overall we have been very impressed with the Snuggly Rascals headphones and would definitely recommend them especially for younger headphone users. Purchase from Snuggly Rascals