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Review: My Very Own Fairy Cottage Keepsake Box, worth £14.99

Review by VIP Club Member Sarah Myers

Once this arrived we got straight to it and opened the box up ready to make our own fairy cottage.

What a lovely little activity to do with children. Simply follow the instructions to create your own little keepsake storage box that glows in the dark.

You have to build each little part out of the clay provided, which all comes in separate colour bags. We did find the instructions a little vague and confusing, but we figured it out and there was plenty of clay encase of any mistakes.
My little girl loved squeezing the clay, so it's great for sensory too and we had enough left over to explore and play with afterwards which was great.

The only downside we found was the bag of glow in the dark clay wasn’t at all mouldable, it just crumbled in our hands so we were unable to use that unfortunately. Not sure if we were meant to add something to it to make it softer and easier to handle, the instructions didn’t say.

As a parent, it was great to find a craft activity that lasted more than 20 minutes, this took us a good few hours to do which is perfect for the cold, rainy days. For children as young as 5, it’s definitely something that requires a parent to sit and help with to achieve the desired finish, however there’s no doubt that older children would be perfectly able to sit and do it alone.

We didn’t end up making the fairy or unicorn figures, simply because my daughter decided she wanted it without and they seemed a little more fiddly and difficult to make.

Overall, we were really happy with our finished product, the storage is perfect to keep my daughters hair accessories in. It would make the perfect gift for little girls to keep them busy for an afternoon.

Currently retailing between £10-£15 on Amazon which I’d say is good value for money and definitely something I’d consider buying for friends and families children in the future.

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