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Review: Leapfrog Magic Adventures Microscope, worth £54.99

Review by VIP Club Member Lauren Hare

We were sent the Leapfrog Magic Adventures Microscope to test out for Toddle About Magazine!

The suggested age range is for ages 5 and over, so my 6-year-old, Fraiser, was very excited to have a play with it! Having a look before we got it out the box, we could see that there was lots of topics to explore, and it looked super exciting!
We unboxed it and had a look at the 9 different double-sided slides that come with it, from insects, human body, food and more! There are also two empty slides that you can put something tiny in to get a closer look, or a big tray for slightly bigger objects (we tried half an apple and it fit perfect!). It requires 4 AA batteries, but these come included which is amazing, so the microscope is ready to go!

The Microscope is full of quizzes, games, and facts. Fraiser really enjoyed the quizzes, and they change depending on which category slide you put in the bottom.

There’s a volume control, which is always brilliant on a toy, as all parents know, and an option to add a SD card. You can zoom in and out and take photos of what you find to store in your gallery.  He loved that he could pick and choose which category he can learn about and really enjoyed the quizzes. This microscope also features BBC images and videos, which were amazing!

There are brilliant adventure games stored on the microscope. You must feed and heel the microorganisms and help defend them from the invaders! Fraiser really enjoyed this feature.

Fraiser has had so much fun testing this out, there’s so many learning opportunities, across so many different topics. My 3-year-old daughter has even had a turn too and I know already it will be something she will enjoy a lot too as she gets older.

Available to buy from Smyths