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Review: Geomag Magicube, worth £31.20

Review by VIP Club Member Nicky Baker

Geomag Magicube


Product Information

This free building set of 24 Magnetic blocks worth £31.20 introduces the basics of STEM and its magnets help build shapes easily.

  • Magnetic engineering - This set contains 24 magnetic cubes with 4 different colours
  • Educational and stimulating - Each year, Geomag introduces new and innovative stem toys that entertain, delight, and stimulate young and growing mental faculties
  • Assuring safe play - Geomag manufacturing complies with the most rigorous european and international safety standards
  • Geomag games are produced in compliance with the most rigorous quality and safety criteria typical of Swiss products and their production complies with European and American safety standards
  • The Geomag lines, winners of numerous awards, help children of all ages to develop their imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction

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We received the Geomag Magicube to review and it is an Innovative toy, entertaining, mind stimulating, safe and good quality play, colourful, plastic and contains magnets.

Our children are a 3 year old Girl and a 5 year old Boy and both of them found it easy to use and addictive to play with, returning for a good period of time day after day.

It is fun, making colour patterns and shapes. Building constructions that don't annoyingly fall apart before complete. The bricks don't get lost easily as they stick together. well.

This has definitely stimulated the minds with imagination and curiosity.

We had to play with the Geomag Magicube ourselves, which enforced its addictiveness and its flexibility, it is fun and would recommend it.

Thank you for the opportunity to play and use this educational toy.