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Review: Daisy Finds Her Smile, worth £9.99

Book review by Pia Howe at Toddle About Suffolk & S. Warwickshire

Daisy Finds Her Smile is the perfect book to encourage conversations around bullying, mental health, feelings and how to treat others with compassion and acceptance, despite their differences. It can help children understand that not all disabilities are visible and that being thoughtful toward others can make a lasting difference.

The author emphasises that everyone has their own special ‘smiling powers’ which can help others feel welcome and build meaningful relationships. After all, a smile is infectious, it's the simplest way to share happiness.
Combining an uplifting and empathetic tale with educational takeaways, Daisy Finds Her Smile is the ideal read for young children aged between four and eight, families looking for a cheerful story to read together and teachers wanting to introduce the topic of anti-bullying and an understanding about treating all people with acceptance to their students.

It would make a valuable addition to any family or school bookshelf.


"The power of a smile is often underestimated" - I couldn't agree more. This is a lovely and truly heartwarming story about Daisy the disabled Duck and her journey to finding acceptance. It is actually based on a true story about the author's pet ducks and chickens.

My son enjoyed the story very much and it gave us an opportunity to talk about bullying and being bullied but also about kindness and our friendships. 

He really enjoyed listening to the rhyming text and looking at the beautiful illustrations. It really makes a perfect bedtime read. 


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