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Review: BuddyPhones POP Fun Kids Headphones, worth £27.99

Review by VIP Club Member Kirsty Ledgard

I was very happy to have been chosen to do a review of the BuddyPhones POP Fun Kids Headphone that are suitable for age 3 years+.

These headphones are wireless and connect to various devices via Bluetooth. They are foldable and adjustable and have an anti-allergic cushion around the ear pieces. The battery has a great life and lasts for 19 hours and then has a charging lead with a plug and a shorter USB cable to charge them up. They have safe volume controls and are wireless up to a distance of 20 metres and they also come with a choice of stickers to put on the outer earpieces so that you can personalise them.

I was a little disappointed with the instructions as I felt they were very basic, but this is probably just because I am not very technically minded so I thought I would struggle setting them up, but to my surprise and delight they were really easy to link to my devices and get working.

They are quite light weight and the fact that they have no wire to get caught up in or on things is great, the sound is very good quality and easily adjustable and they charge quickly too.

My 4 year old son likes to watch programmes on a tablet whilst we are travelling so these will be perfect for using on long journeys and he also likes to watch suitable You Tube clips and play games on our phones so they will be perfect for this too.

After trying the headphones out, my son says that they are comfortable and do not hurt his ears and are definitely better than the headphones that he has with a wire.

I am very impressed with the headphones and they just about fit my head so I think I would probably use them too :-)

I would definitely recommend this product for anybody that is looking for suitable headphones for their children.

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