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Why do most Parents Invest in Carpets for their Homes?

Homeowners have a wide variety of different flooring materials to choose from. Some folks like to invest in timber flooring, while others prefer tiles. One of the most popular types of flooring in today's market is carpet. Although carpets have been popular over the last two hundred years or so, they are still as popular as ever in today’s modern society, especially with parents who have young children. 

Tiles and timber flooring may look good, but they are not ideal if you have a toddler or a baby at home. If an infant were to fall on a solid floor, the chances of them sustaining an injury is high. Falling over is part of growing up, especially for kids who are learning to walk, and most kids won’t get badly hurt, even when they fall on a hard surface. But, there are times where a child will pick up a serious injury that often requires medical care. To reduce the risk of your child getting hurt, investing in soft, high-quality carpets can help. 

Noise Reduction

If you live in a two-story house, and your children’s bedrooms are upstairs, they are probably going to play and run around in their rooms now and again. Unfortunately, noise travels, and if you have installed a hard floor in their bedroom, there is a good chance that you will hear every time they walk on the floor. If you have just come home from a hard day at work and you want to relax, it won’t be easy if your children are on the second floor making noise.

To help reduce the amount of noise, fitting in a carpet can help. Most carpets absorb sound so those in the room below we’ll find it difficult to hear what is going on upstairs. 

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, more people than ever before have been forced to work from home. Although most schools have reopened, children are still advised to stay at home to help reduce the spread of the deadly disease. Most parents who work from home need to work in silence so they can concentrate on their job. Trying to be productive when the noise levels from the room above are travelling through the house can be very distracting. By replacing the current flooring with soft, thick carpets will help absorb the sound so parents can commit themselves to their work. 

Before investing in a brand new carpet, it might be worth your while asking the sales representative or checking out reviews online before you spend your hard-earned money. If you are purchasing carpets to help reduce the noise levels in other rooms, ask the salesperson or check out details online for help. Don’t assume all carpets are the same, because some are a lot better than others at absorbing noise. 

Learning to Walk

Watching a child growing up is one of the greatest things, so most parents are focused on creating a safe environment for their loved ones. Babies and toddlers will use lots of parts of their bodies when crawling and when they are learning to walk and run, so they are bound to pick up the odd scrape or bruise now and again. But if they were to have a serious fall, they could break or fracture a bone. Although carpets won’t guarantee that your child will be safe when they fall, they are far less likely to get badly injured in comparison to falling on a solid surface. 

There are lots of soft and luxurious carpets that not only look great, but that are safe for children to play and run around on. 

Carpets are Simple to Maintain

Taking care of children can take up a lot of time, so installing flooring that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance is vital. Children are bound to bring in dirt and debris into the house. Unlike a lot of solid floors, carpets tend to hide a lot of this dirt, so all you need to do is vacuum the carpet each day.

If you are moving out of a rental, you might be concerned about the carpets in the building. Over time, small children might have damaged the carpets in the house, so parents might be worried about their deposit. If this is the case, don’t worry, because professional carpet cleaners like this end of tenancy cleaning Deptford specialize in maintaining and bringing back old carpets to their original look.

Almost impossible to Slip 

If you were to spill liquid on tiles or a wooden floor, people of all ages can easily slip and sustain an injury. Some of these falls can prove extremely dangerous, especially if the person hits their head off the floor. A lot of small children are unaware of the dangers of falling on hard floors and many of them enjoy splashing in puddles, so it is not surprising when you find them standing on the liquid. Young kids are still figuring out how to keep their balance, so they have a higher chance of falling and hurting themselves when they walk or run over liquid on a solid surface.

Those who have carpets fitted inside their home only have to worry about cleaning the liquid so it doesn’t stain the carpet. In a very short space of time, the carpet’s fibres will absorb the liquid, making it almost impossible for someone to slip.