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Review of the Week: The Turtle Mat

The Turtle Mat - stylish and practical. The Turtle Mat - stylish and practical. You could be forgiven for thinking that a doormat won’t make for a particularly sexy review. But seeing the mud on my children’s boots this morning certainly reminded me that keeping mud OUTSIDE the house is a constant battle for any parent – especially at this time of year. And the Turtle Mat is no ordinary mat. It is super absorbent and great at holding onto dust and dirt because it’s made using natural cotton and microfibre. More traditional mats (such as coir mats) work by scraping off dirt and water, whereas the Turtle Mat absorbs it and holds onto it until you give it a good wash in the washing machine. We have been putting a Turtle Mat through its paces in our house for over a month now, and our 3 children have certainly been showing how tough it is. So what do we think? Well, first off, the quality of the mat is great. It feels weighty and the rubber backing (which is apparently non-damaging and anti-staining) really makes the mat stick to the ground. Other mats in the past have slid around the floor when given a good wipe – but the Turtle Mat stays reassuringly still.

The mat also looks great. We went for the 'Hares’ design (because our children love bunnies) and it really is a good looking mat. It adds to the look of the hall, rather than being a necessary, purely utilitarian addition. There are loads of styles and designs to choose from. The 'Hares' Turtle Mat The 'Hares' design - we love it :-) And I’m pleased to say the mat really does absorb mud and water very well. This does mean your mat can start looking mucky pretty quickly, but I’d rather the mud was on the mat than on the carpet! And the mat is machine-washable anyway, so when you are ready you can give it a thorough clean very easily. We’ve run our mat through the washing machine a couple of times and the rubber backing is completely unaffected. The mat surface has gone a bit rougher after a couple of washes, but it still looks great and does its job wonderfully well. So, in short, the Turtle Mat gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from us! The ‘Hares’ mat is £49.95 and come with a 5 year guarantee – other styles are available with prices starting from £22.95 for the classic collection. Turtle Mats can be purchased from Here is a video for more information as well! This product was sent to us to review