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Six Reasons Every Child Should Learn How to Sew

Child using sewing machine

When they think of sewing, most people picture an ageing housewife sitting behind the sewing machine. But that image is far from realistic. Sewing is an activity that benefits young people far more, especially kids.

This hobby encourages development of certain physical and mental skills that are very important for the fun-sized people’s growth. It is also enjoyable and can keep them occupied for a while. But let’s take a few moments and see how exactly does it benefit young kids. That will answer why you should teach them how to do it.

It improves their hand-eye coordination

Kids tend to have some difficulties when they need to do some precise work with their hands. Practicing sewing can solve those troubles in a fun way. By threading the needle and tying a knot on the thread, they learn how to focus their eyes and hands on completing a task that requires a simultaneous use of both. This will help them with other everyday activities like handwriting, ball catching and throwing, drawing and so on.

Girls with dolls they sew

It teaches them maths

We all know most kids hate math, but they have to learn it nonetheless. Sewing can make them practice math without them knowing it. Measuring the fabric, deciding how much of it you’ll need, and cutting it out into adequate pieces are all mathematical tasks.

It teaches them how to mend their clothes

Tasks as simple as sewing on a button, or mend a ripped seam are all invaluable. It encourages “make-do”, instead of “it’s broken-we’ll just buy new” attitude. This will encourage the conscious consumer in your mini-me and they won’t fall victim of the fast fashion when they grew up.

Boy with vintage sewing machine

Sewing shows them how to plan and organize

Before kids can start sewing something, you must plan together what you are going to make. Then you need to figure out which notions materials you need for that. Usually that means that they will have to get their thread, fabric, needle and scissors ready before they start. Ask them questions, don’t give them answers. If you don’t do all that, your project will most likely never see the light of the day.

When your kid learns how to properly plan their sewing activities, they’ll know how to use those organizing skills in their everyday life.

If they really enjoy handsewing, you can even let them try sewing on your sewing machine or even get them their very own machine. Just make sure you get them a decent sewing machine for kids, not a flimsy toy machine and supervise them at all times. It is a good idea to get a finger guard to make sure the little fingers stay as away from the needle.

I definitely don’t recommend teaching young children how to sew just based on their age.  Know your child and ONLY teach them to use a sewing machine when you think they are ready. If the child is really meticulous and careful, he or she can pick up how to use the machine at a really young age – at just 3-4 years old. According to artfulparent, most of the kids lacing cards and threading large beads at ages 2-4 and they can do basic stitches, embroidery, cross stitch, sewing with felt at ages 5-6.

It nourishes creativity and uniqueness

Sewing is a form of art and as such, it influences your kid’s creative side greatly. They can put their vast imagination to good use and create stuff that have never been created before. Just let them do what they imagine and you’ll see some nice results.

It teaches them diligence

Before you can sew you need to prepare your equipment, materials, and work area. After you finish, you must clean up after yourself and store away everything you used back in its place. These mini chores will become a routine for your kid after a while. When they become this diligent, you won’t have to tell them twice to do something, nor to clean their room, or gather their toys.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Were these reasons convincing enough? Is it time for you to teach your child how to sew? It’s your call.