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Product Feature - Spring 2023

We have been looking around for some of the latest and funkiest products currently on the market for your little one, take a look at what we have found...

GenieWipes - £3.99

GenieWipes are the planet’s purest, most sustainable, biodegradable eco-wipe. Just add a small amount of water to the compressed towel wipe and watch them expand. Unfold to reveal a large 20 x 24cm strong reusable wipe. No expiry date, no drying out and never pull out more wipes than you need.

Available to buy from Amazon

Curious Cookie Mat - £30

Discover the innovative easy-to-clean, reusable, wipeable, portable, and fun placemat that transforms kids (even the pickiest eaters!) into explorers who are ready to try foods faster than ever - including foods they would never try before. Simply bring out your mat any time you’d like your child to explore a new or rejected food.

Let them follow along the game path using their senses to explore each food’s characteristics (using dry-erase crayons or markers). Then watch your child have fun exploring and try foods without a fight!

Available to buy from

Sleepypatch Stickers - £13

SleepyPatch uses natural, essential oils such as Lavender and Mandarin to calm the nervous system and relax your child’s body into a state of deep sleep. Better yet, it’s the kind of deep (REM) sleep that your child’s brain needs to wake up feeling refreshed, giving them increased concentration and focus in the day.

Available to buy from

Haymax Kids - £8.49

HayMax is an award-winning, drug-free, non-drowsy allergen barrier balm. Applied with a finger to the rim of the nostrils and bones of the eyes, it’s not invasive, and can be applied as often as required. It traps pollen, dust and pet allergens before they enter the body. Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children.

Available to buy from

Grownsy Nasal Aspirator - £39.99

Designed with 3 adjustable levels of suction, this device makes it easy and effective to clear fluid or mucus within your baby’s nose. With light and music-soothing functions on the electric bogie sucker, and with lower noise, it makes nose cleaning easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

Available to buy from Amazon

Build Your Own Leggings - £12

Build your own soft, organic leggings! Choose from regular, footed or cuffed and then pick a size from Premature right up to Womens UK24. Maternity add on available too. Perfect for Mummy & Mini matching and sibling matching!

Offer: Get 20% off all products with code ‘ToddleAbout’.

Available to buy from

Knitting Hill Studio Cardigan, £35

Knitting Hill Studio is the home of beautiful, personalised, hand knitted baby cardigans. Each cardigan is lovingly embroidered with your little ones name, creating an heirloom piece to treasure for life. There’s a rainbow of colours available to suit every style. Custom knitwear available too.

Available from KnittingHillStudio

Royal Darlings Birthday Collective, from £17.99

Royal Darlings have launched their embroidery range. You can kit out your little one in the latest neutral personalised outfits to help celebrate their special day. Why not take advantage of their brand new birthday range featuring the most gorgeous jumpers, lounge sets and t-shirts.

Available to buy from

Wonderfold Wagons, from £595

BRAND NEW to the UK, WonderFold Wagons will transform family trips in every way. Fully safety certified with a five-point harness, wagons can hold multiple children (from 6-months-approx 5yrs), plus luggage up to 21 stones! Packed full of handy features like zipped, hidden exit hatches and lots of storage pockets to help make parents’ lives easier; leaving kids safe, secure and happy.

Available to buy from

Organic Cotton Sweatshirt, £24.50

Soft organic cotton sweatshirt, with a fun campervan, elephant and fox appliqué: a perfect gift for a baby or child. Designed to last and pass on to siblings and friends - no matter what the season or gender.“I love the bright colour and feel of the fabric. It washes well and has become a firm favourite of my sons.”

Offer: 20% off everything with code TODDLE20 at checkout.

Available to buy from

Birth Journey Map - A3 Print, £15.00

Embark on a journey from womb to world with this fun and informative watercolour map. Discover how the flow of birth may occur, and some of the comfort measures that could be helpful during each stage. Check out more pregnancy and birth art on Instagram.

Offer: 10% off everything until 30/06/2023 with code TODDLE10 at checkout.

Available to buy from

Sheep and Cow Romper, from £14.50

Specially selected are the cow jersey romper and sheep summer romper.These items have been best sellers for over a year now as you just can’t get enough! Both available from newborn up to 6 years so you can also get your little ones matching sets!

Offer: 20% off everything with code TODDL3ABOUT20 at checkout.

Available to buy from

Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery, from £25.00

Run by an Oxfordshire mum, Primrose and Puddles is a local business selling sterling silver jewellery, all designed and handmade in a small Oxfordshire studio. If you’re looking for a meaningful piece of jewellery, there’s a design for you. The recently launched ‘Missing Piece’ necklace comes with the added bonus that a £10 donation from each sale goes to The Encephalitis Society.

Offer: 10% off everything with code TODDLE10 at checkout.

Available to buy from