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New hypnobirthing skill launched on Alexa and Google Home by The Positive Birth Company to help improve accessibility and ease of hypnobirthing techniques

Leading experts in hypnobirthing, The Positive Birth Company, today launches a new skill for Alexa and Google Home aimed at improving the accessibility and ease of hypnobirthing, and to help empower and support women from pregnancy through to birth and beyond. 

The Affirmations for Alexa’ skill is free and can be activated by saying “Alexa, start The Positive Birth Company Affirmations.” For Google Home, the skill can be activated by saying “OK Google, start the Positive Birth Company Affirmations.” The skill will then play a series of positive affirmations to help boost relaxation and reduce anxiety, helping you feel calm and confident as you prepare for the birth of your baby. As with all hypnobirthing techniques, the affirmations can also help to make you feel at ease during labour as well as post-birth, in any areas of life where you might be stressed or anxious.  

With the skill activated by voice, it enables you to go hands-free, compared to other digital products which often require physical attachments to smartphones and tablets. These can often be a distraction and reduce access to some. 

Affirmations for Alexa is the latest in a string of developments by the Positive Birth Company to help digitise and bring positive birth experiences into the 21st century. Most recently it developed the Freya App, the world’s first surge timer and virtual birth partner. The app was named by Apple as one of the top apps for 2019 and has won a number of awards after it helps to coach women through labour and ensure you never give birth alone. 

The skill also represents a further expansion of the Positive Birth Company’s highly renowned and respected Digital Pack and Postpartum Pack, both of which are fully comprehensive guides to the antenatal period and fourth trimester, safely completed at home. 

The business, which is now the world’s largest supplier of hypnobirthing courses, has grown exponentially since launch in 2015. It’s mission is to make hypnobirthing accessible to everyone by removing barriers such as limited disposable income, geography and available free time. So far the company has supported customers from over 102 countries and helped over 42,000 women have a positive birth experience.

Since lockdown began the business has grown by 400%, as more pregnant women and new mums seek ways to access vital support, education and advice when in-person classes, clinics and baby groups are closed, and now often giving birth alone. 

Siobhan Miller, founder of the Positive Birth Company and author of bestselling book ‘Practical Ways to Make Your Birth Better’ comments: “With anxiety for new mums at a high right now, we felt it’s more important than ever for pregnant women and new parents to have access to a toolkit that will leave them feeling empowered and ready for what’s to come. Positive affirmations have been proven to reduce anxiety and increase confidence, so they’re great for daily use during pregnancy and post-birth, whether you’re new to mindfulness or a seasoned pro. We’re on a mission to make hypnobirthing accessible to everyone, and use digital technologies to improve birth experiences. Being able to host our affirmations through Alexa and Google Home helps us to do just this. We’re excited to be launching the Affirmations for Alexa skill for our growing community of expecting and new mums, especially in such unpredictable times.” 

Download The Positive Birth Company Affirmations for Alexa here. 

Download The Positive Birth Company Affirmations for Google here