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Inspire Creativity in Kids with These 3 Apps

Does the statement “You can be anything or anyone you want to be.” sound familiar?

Inspire Creativity in Kids with These 3 Apps

If you are a parent or a guardian, this is one of the statements you may have uttered to your kids countless times or heard other parents say to inspire confidence. But as we all know, words are great, but to ensure that the message gets across and sticks, you may want to back that up with some action. You don’t have to do what your babies wish to do, but you could plant that seed in their minds by teaching and exposing them early. You only need to invest in the right tools.

In the world we live in today, one of the best investments you could make for your kids is an investment in educational tools powered by technology. Exposing your kids to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, as well as STEAM (this has the arts incorporated in it), especially in their early years, will go a long way in inspiring them.

Unfortunately, knowing about the power of technology is not enough, especially in this age of digital distraction. There is a lot floated around the internet, and kids can access and learn everything from the internet thanks to the advanced technologies of today, but how do you keep your kids engaged, especially in the educational content?

We have one solution for you – choose the right apps (and gadgets). Apps are the gateway to the best of what technology has to offer, and with the right apps, you get to keep your kids captivated with toys and games that not only entertain but also enhance their learning capacities. 

And before you turn this idea down because of your children’s safety and security online, you will be happy to know that there are several companies that offer online security tools. Techprojournal, for example, might be a good option for you, and you will learn everything needed, including choosing the safest modems and routers, among other things.

As you look for better solutions for your kids and ways of ensuring that they lead the happiest, most fulfilled lives, here are some of the apps you could use:

  1. Sago Mini Big City

The idea of exploring cities is alluring to kids, with the sights and sounds from the city life making their lives fuller and enriched. This app allows your kids to enjoy the big cities easily, and they can engage in different activities from making trips to the museum, ride fire trucks, pick mail from the post office, etc. The app offers interactive characters that your kids get to play with, and they also get to go out on adventures on their own. So, if you have been looking for a simple and engaging app for age groups 3-6, this would be a good option. It isn’t a free app, but it’s affordable and downloadable from Amazon AppStore, Google Play, and iTunes.

  1. The Cat in the Hat Builds That

This app is free on iTunes, Amazon Appstore, and Google Play, and it’s one of the best STEM-Centric apps on the internet. In it, Dr. Seuss comes to life, teaching kids how to be master engineers and creators. It offers numerous inventive activities that are not only easy for kids to get around, but also the games/ activities come with funny names. Through the activities in this app, kids learn to grow their organizational skills, learn Physics, and explore numbers and measurements as they gear towards joining Pre-K.

  1. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

Mindfulness and creativity go hand-in-hand, which is why we recommend this app to teach your kids the importance of mindfulness. As adults, we understand now all too clearly the importance of mindfulness, and we wouldn’t want our kids to grow without knowing the importance of this skill. With this in mind, wouldn’t getting them this app be the best gift ever? It teaches mindfulness using a simple approach while ensuring that your kids are set for success, even as it gives them the tools and information they need to cope with life’s hurdles better, especially as they grow older. They also get to check in with their emotions, and they will also learn and adapt healthy and calming breathing techniques. At the end of each activity on mindfulness, they will receive a sticker. This app works well for kids aged 5-10 or older.


Want to inspire creativity and nurture kids who are set for success? These three apps might be the best option for you. The others you could try include Drawing Challenge Game, Khan Academy Kids, Moji Moji, and Toca Mystery House, among others.