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How to Keep Your Home Clean to Keep Babies and Children Safe

Deep cleaning your home can keep your newborns and toddlers safe

Having young kids in the home is a challenging and wonderful time. While you're enjoying your time with your newborn or toddler, it is nice to know that your home is keeping them safe and preventing them from getting ill. One of the best ways of keeping your kids safe in the home is to have a brilliant cleaning plan in place. Below, we're looking at what deep cleaning can do to help keep your newborn or toddler safe at home.

How does deep cleaning keep children safe?

If you're anything like most of us, your cleaning plan right now will involve hoovering all the areas of the carpet that you can see without moving any of the furniture. When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, for example, you likely aren't taking all of the food and things out of the cupboards to clean inside the cupboards either, right? This is a perfectly normal way of cleaning your home.

A deep clean, though, gets into all of these areas that we all miss each time we clean. So, during a deep clean, behind the toilet will be cleaned, inside all cupboards will be wiped out, and furniture will be moved to ensure no dust or hair is present on any of the carpets. Everything is dusted, and everything is disinfected and cleaned properly.

This creates a very clean environment that will keep your children safe while they are in the home. A deep clean removes of all the bacteria in your home as well as dust, pet hair and any other grime. Basically, anything that may affect your baby's health. Weekly cleaning tasks are extremely important, of course. Staying on top of disinfecting work surfaces and ensuring the baby's room is nice and tidy is a really good thing. However, a deep clean goes a step beyond this and gives everything around the home a proper cleaning.

When should I do a deep clean before my baby comes home?

If you are preparing to bring your baby home, you should have a deep clean about a month before their arrival. However, you should consider having deep cleans frequently moving forward. If you have pets as well, we'd recommend a deep clean once a month. For homes without pets, every few months is okay as long as you have a good cleaning routine at the moment.

The initial deep clean that you have before your baby arrives is incredibly important. It will remove loads of dust and dirt that you likely didn't even know was there. A good cleaning routine after this will keep your home in a clean and safe condition. However, if you aren't cleaning everywhere, this dust and dirt will come back, so another deep clean will be needed.

What does a deep clean involve?

A deep clean involves cleaning every single room of the home to an extremely high standard. The standard you have likely already reached in your newborn's bedroom. This means vacuuming every carpet and moving all furniture to ensure every piece of dust or pet hair is picked up. Dusting everything, including skirting boards, shelves, picture frames and more. Sweeping and mopping all hard floors. Cleaning inside all cabinets to get rid of dust and dirt; this includes cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom and wardrobes and drawers in the bedroom.

The list goes on. A deep clean is a complete clean of absolutely every part of the home. It is one of the most intense cleans that a home will ever go through, but it is really important, especially with a newborn coming into the home. A deep clean gets rid of anything that could be potentially harmful to your newborn or toddler, so it is vital that a deep clean is carried out correctly.

Should I change my cleaning products after having a baby?

It is recommended that you shouldn't use cleaning products that contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), ammonia or bleach if you have newborns in the house. This is because newborns are very sensitive to chemicals and can have bad reactions to them.

During your pregnancy is a good time to switch your cleaning products. This will allow you to find good quality cleaning products that you like to use and ones that you feel do the same job as the ones you are currently using. You may also want to look into cleaning equipment like steam cleaners. These offer very powerful cleaning with absolutely no chemicals or cleaning products at all. They are so useful as well. You can use them in the bathroom, kitchen, on any hard flooring and a great deal more.

Once you find good quality and healthy cleaning products that you enjoy using, use these cleaning products until your baby is a toddler, but if the cleaning products are working for you, you can, of course, continue to use these cleaning products moving forward.

Deep cleaning services in London

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