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Exploring the Joys and Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Parents

In the joyful turbulence that often comes with parenting young children, finding a calming and delightful hobby can seem like quite a challenge. It's like looking for an activity that fits perfectly into your fast-paced schedule, offering a welcome pause in the bustling, while equally ensuring the children's engagement. And wouldn't it be simply wonderful to discover a hobby that caters to your personal interests, involves your young ones, and assures successful outcomes regardless of your artistic abilities?

As young ones ourselves, we all tried our hands at a multitude of crafts and hobbies, drawn either by their appeal or by our natural inquisitiveness. These childhood pastimes, however, often diminish as we age. Yet, some hobbies carry a unique charm - they develop and evolve with us, adjusting to our changing lifestyles and preferences, and continually providing a source of joy and creativity.

One such delightful hobby is Painting By Numbers. This adaptable pastime allows you to create enchanting pieces of art that could liven up your home or even serve as a personalised, heartfelt present. This hobby is not just engrossing and soothing, but also guarantees satisfying results every time, making it an almost foolproof leisure activity. So, let's step into the tranquil world of Painting By Numbers, and discover its array of benefits.

What Is Painting By Numbers?

In simple terms, painting by numbers is a convenient method to create stunning works of art. You could be recreating classical masterpieces you’ve always admired, abstract or impressionistic pieces that echo your feelings, or unique designs that could make great wall decorations.

The activity typically comes as a kit, providing all the necessary tools to complete the artwork. The design is pre-printed on the canvas or chosen surface, accompanied by paints and brushes, all labelled for ease of use. First marketed in the 1950s in America, they've grown in popularity in the UK in recent years. Currently, Figured Art is a well-liked paint by numbers brand for adults in the UK, offering a plethora of designs with swift 48-hour delivery. All that's left for you to do is pick the image you’d love to paint.

The chosen image is divided into sections, each assigned a number. Each number corresponds with a paint colour. When you follow the numbers, a beautiful image starts to appear. It's a straightforward, stress-free way to create a finished piece of artwork.

A Quick Guide: Top Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you complete your painting efficiently:

* Focus on completing one colour at a time, rather than attempting to finish an entire section of the painting.
* Start from the top and work your way down, so you don’t smear wet paint on the lower sections.
* Begin with larger and simpler paintings.
* Practise better brush control with larger pictures divided into larger sections.
* You're welcome to use your own brushes if the ones in the kit are too small.
* Start with the darkest colour and end with the lightest shade.
* Leave sections requiring colour blending or mixed colours until the end.
* Avoid dipping your brush entirely into the paint pot. Dip only the tip to prevent dropping too much paint onto the picture.
* Arrange your materials beforehand. Have plenty of clean water for rinsing your brushes and a soft, absorbent cloth for drying them.
* Work patiently and with a gentle brush stroke to avoid damaging the canvas or the brush.
* Keep an eye out for double numbers in a section. These are the blended colours. Leave these for the end.

 The therapeutic Benefits of Painting By Numbers

While adult colouring books have gained considerable popularity in recent years, painting by numbers kits have been garnering equal interest. These kits come in a wide variety of designs, offering a range of prices, quality, and levels of complexity. Furthermore, they bring an array of therapeutic benefits to the table:

* Focus: Painting by numbers helps you to concentrate. Regardless of the emotional rollercoaster you may be riding, this activity aids in grounding you and encourages careful attention to detail.

Stress-free: There's very little that can go wrong here. The design, paints, and art materials are customised specifically for the task at hand, ensuring the activity has a soothing effect due to the clear instructions provided.

Relaxation: Painting by numbers is a tranquil and meditative hobby. There's no rush to finish, or goals to reach. Instead, it helps to calm your mind.

Art Therapy: Painting by numbers has been identified as a beneficial therapy for a variety of mental health concerns. It helps to enhance self-esteem, social skills, confidence, and motor function. It has proven particularly beneficial for individuals with Alzheimer's.

Orderliness: This hobby gives a sense of emotional security and the feeling that everything is in the right place. You don't need to fret over colour choices, positioning, or artistic techniques; you can create something beautiful without such concerns.

Mood Enhancer: The process instills a feeling of control, and when you complete a painting, the sense of accomplishment is highly rewarding.

Social Bonding: Painting by numbers can be a group activity, offering an opportunity to paint alongside family or friends.

In addition to the wonderful sense of achievement that crafting provides, painting by numbers presents a fantastic sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It's a fitting reward for hours of patient work, plus a beautiful piece of artwork for your home.