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Amber Necklaces: For Teething Babies

Baltic Wonder Amber Teething NecklacesGuest post by Jenn Sanders, Baltic Wonder. Parents the world over are using amber necklaces to help their babies and toddlers with teething. Plenty of people consider it complete hokum, and yet lots of others absolutely swear by them. But what are they? How are they supposed to work? We’ve never used them here at Toddle About, so we invited Baltic Wonder, a leading retailer of amber necklaces made from Baltic Amber, to tell us more. What Is Baltic Amber? Baltic Amber is a fossilized resin from prehistoric pine trees millions of years ago and it is a homeopathic bio product that is helpful to the human body. Its bio essence transcends the resin once warmed against a body. Thereby emitting a powerful succinic acid which acts as an analgesic and a pain reliever. All in all, this timeless ancient resin powerfully assists all ages acting as an all-natural healer and cleanser.

Baltic Amber specifically takes into consideration the amount of change and development that toddlers experience and thereby, its Succinic Acid actually supports their growth. First and foremost, the high amount of Succinic Acid in Baltic Amber acts as an adaptogen. In other words, an organic biomatter which is known to promote self-healing in the body. On the whole, from helping with inflammation due teething to fighting off colds to helping with sleep, Baltic Amber is a strong ally for toddlers. Most importantly, it's a natural way to help the body repair itself. By and large, throughout time, natural healers have turned to the medicinal properties of Succinic Acid to treat a myriad of illnesses in the human body. In sum, its medicinal properties are not only beneficial they're also quite effortlessly absorbed into the bloodstream as the gem is warmed against a human body. Why Use as a Teething Necklace? The timeless healing properties of succinic acid actively guard and stimulate the child's immune system. It acts as a pain reliever, reducing inflammation and balancing moods while also accelerating the natural healing process. In sum, Baltic Amber is a seemingly perfect and helpful match for the growing pains in children. In the long run, a Baltic Amber Necklace is ideal for teething children, largely due to the fact that it is also an anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, it beautifully serves as protection around the neck and throat guarding and preventing against colds and illnesses. As succinic acid is absorbed into the skin, it reacts like a natural Ibuprofen, reducing pain and inflammation. Instead of going in the child’s body, the succinic acid is absorbed through the skin, making it the perfect natural alternative in treating teething symptoms. 4 Ways Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Benefits Toddlers With this in mind, Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces are perfect for toddlers. Moreover, many moms notice their children pay little attention to the necklace once it is worn. Perhaps because the body appreciates the mutually beneficial exchange from Succinic Acid. For centuries, this holistic biomatter was worn as a talisman to ward off illness. To this day, it is still used in the same way as the wearer harnesses its medicinal attributes.

  1. Baltic Amber Acts as a Pain-Reliever

Thanks to the analgesic properties of the Succinic Acid being absorbed into the bloodstream through Baltic Amber Teething necklaces, toddlers are able to keep moving while they simultaneously take store of the necklace's benefits. This homeopathic alternative to over-the-counter drugs is effective since it naturally alleviates pain. In the long run, the powerful properties of Succinic Acid organically soothe and transmute negativity from growing pains.

  1. The Succinic Acid in Baltic Amber Calms and Soothes the Body

The bio-electrical interchange between a toddler and a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace actually fosters a calmer state of being. Overall, parents of toddlers who have used Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces from Baltic Wonder have commented that they believe their child sleeps better because of its use. To be sure these necklaces are not meant to be worn while sleeping or bathing. However, their effects are long-lasting despite being temporarily removed.

  1. Baltic Amber Posses Anti-Inflammatory Properties

When a toddler experiences teething or even a slight head cold, a very serious amount of pressure can ensue. With this in mind, it's important to consider the viable anti-inflammatory properties of Baltic Amber and to utilize them for a toddler's benefit. By wearing a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, a teething toddler to a congested toddler is crowned at the throat chakra with a magnificently powerful homeopathic aid. For the most part, this was a common practice in ancient healing, utilizing Succinic Acid to decrease swelling.

  1. Succinic Acid in Baltic Amber Provides Anti-Anxiety Relief

With all the growing pains that toddlers are bound to experience, it seems only right to equip these tiny humans with coping mechanisms for the bumpy road ahead. Overall, Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces carry inside them the power of Succinic Acid which naturally relaxes its wearer. Particularly in regards to stressors like headaches, Baltic Amber quickly protects, rejuvenates and therein revitalizes the body's internal systems.

Baltic Wonder is a brand that was created in 2013 with the goal of helping babies and parents during the teething process. The main idea was to create Premium Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces made from the purest Baltic Amber sources in the planet so their customers could really benefits from the natural succinic acid inside the Baltic Amber. Their Head Office is located in Florida but they source their amber beads from Lithuania which is the main source working with Baltic Amber for babies. *Disclaimer: This is a guest post, sponsored by Baltic Wonder. Toddle About does not endorse the content of this post nor any products or services promoted within it. The content of this post is not intended as medical advice - you should seek the advice of a medical or otherwise qualified professional before acting on any advice in this article.