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5 Crafting Activities You Can Do With Your Little Ones With Live Plants and Flowers

Ready to bring a dash of green into your child's world?

In this article, we will guide you and your little one through five unique craft activities you can engage in using live plants and flowers.

Set up your crafting space, gather some basic gardening tools, and let the magic begin!

1. Create a DIY Miniature Herb Garden with the Young Ones

Cultivating kids' interest in nature can start right at home, with a miniature herb garden. Select fragrant herbs like basil, rosemary, or thyme that will thrive even indoors. Reuse some old teacups or mason jars as containers for this venture.

As you watch your little garden grow, you might get motivated to add some vibrant touches from places like Bouqs online. Combining creativity with cooking, gardening can be a joyous family bonding experience and an adventurous culinary journey for your kids.

2. Make Nature-Inspired Wall Art 

Art and nature are a perfect pair for kids' crafting activities. On your next walk, collect some interesting pieces of nature like unique leaves or bright flowers.

Once they're pressed and dried, it's time to get artistic on a canvas backdrop.

Experiment with different layouts and colour combinations on the canvas. The kids will love creating their own home-made, nature-inspired masterpiece! Plus, it's a lovely way to personalise their space with their own hands.

3. Dining Room Flair: DIY Floral Centerpieces

Bringing vibrant color and a sense of life to your table can be as simple as a DIY floral centrepiece. Choose robust flowers like daisies or carnations that stay fresh longer.

They can be arranged in an elegant vase, or even in mason jars for more rustic charm.

This craft project is a wonderful way to engage the little ones in setting up the dining table. From picking flowers to arranging them, kids will learn and enjoy creating something beautiful for family meals.

4. Homemade Health: Aloe Vera Moisturiser from Scratch

Introduce your child to the wonders of natural skincare with a simple Aloe Vera gel craft. Begin by carefully harvesting some thick, fleshy leaves from a healthy, mature Aloe plant.

To extract aloe gel, simply slice open the leaf and scoop out the transparent gel. Store it in an air-tight jar for future use as a natural moisturiser.

Involving kids in the process of making their own moisturiser can be an exciting adventure. They'll be thrilled to have a secret remedy for skin hydration, especially one they crafted themselves!

Plus, this activity is an excellent opportunity to educate them about sustainable living practices.

5. Eco-friendly Gifts: Crafting Seed-Embedded Paper

A craft that gives back to Mother Earth? Making seed-embedded paper is a wonderful way to do just that. 

The process involves blending used paper with water to form a pulp, then mixing in various flower seeds. Press the pulp onto a sieve to shape and dry it, and then cut into desirable shapes and sizes.

Offering endless possibilities for creativity, this paper can be turned into unique greeting cards or special bookmarks. Bonus point: the kids will get a kick out of knowing their craft can be planted to yield beautiful flowers. Truly a gift that keeps on giving!

A plantable gift?

Yes, indeed! Seed-embedded paper is designed to be planted in soil. When properly watered and provided with light, the embedded seeds germinate and grow into plants while the paper composts away naturally.

So, there you have it! Get ready and set your little ones on an exciting path of green living. These plant and flower-infused craft ideas not only stimulate creativity but also foster a love for nature.