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Paradise Wildlife Park Needs Your Support

Paradise Wildlife Park Needs Your Support

A message from Paradise Wildlife Park:

As a fully registered charity, the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire relies on ticket sales, zoo visits, and donations to operate. The COVID-19 Virus will have a detrimental effect on the care of our animals and team members, so we are asking you to please consider donating to our Emergency Support Fund.

It costs roughly £13,000 a day to run Paradise Wildlife Park. A large majority of these funds goes to the upkeep of our animals. It is always our priority to keep our animals healthy. However, this costs money and with no visitors during this pandemic, we need to ask for support, every penny counts.

Your support and generosity are crucial now more than ever. Any donations will go directly towards the upkeep of our amazing animals and our keepers caring for them. 

Your donation will not just go towards maintain the healthcare of our animals. You will also be ensuring that families stay together. Jessie and Panja, our world-famous Snow Leopards have shown that love and affection does not just stay within the human world. They are often seen cuddling on their ledge, affectionately pawing at each other, playing and of course, giving each other a good telling off.

Usually solitary animals, Snow Leopards tend to want their own space. Despite having the option of three other beds, Jessie and Panja will always prefer to share one together. The perfect chance for a good snuggle!

At the moment, Jessie and Panja are in season. Keepers at Paradise have seen the cats display mating behaviours with even an attempt at copulation. Everyone at the park have been quietly optimistic for the arrival of Snow Leopard cubs over the coming months. With this in mind, it is even more important to keep Jessie and Panja healthy. This is why we need your support. We need donations from the public while they remain in self-isolation to support our animals, including Jessie and Panja. The last thing we would want for these potential parents to be to be split up due to this virus.

Statement from Paradise Wildlife Park CEO is “Our community has always been supportive of our Zoo, through thick and thin. And with that support, we will get through this together.” –  Lynn Whitnall

We know it is difficult time for everyone, if you are able to donate, every penny counts; our animals and team are so grateful – thank you.

Please donate whatever you can to our JustGiving page:

Whether you have visited us in the past, from the local area or just want to keep our beloved animals together during a very difficult time, anything you can donate is welcomed.