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Win solving stressful habits self-help books: Mind What You Think & Accept How You Feel by Dr Karen Graham

We are giving you the chance to win a copy of the solving stressful habits self-help books: Mind What You Think & Accept How You Feel by Dr Karen Graham, worth £19.92

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The world around us may seem to be in trouble, but it is the way we think and feel, and our ability to manage negative reactions, that determine how troubled we feel, as well as how much we can genuinely help others. Now is an important time to learn more about healthy mental and emotional management.

A stressful issue starts and ends with the way you think and feel about it. Knowing this is empowering, because having this understanding combined with the right approach means that you focus on what is in your direct control. Finding balance is necessary and it involves awareness. 

Through reading these two companion books, Accept How You Feel and Mind What You Think, you will learn how to quickly reduce the stressful impact of a mental or emotional reaction about an issue, and this is a real solution. You will have more mental freedom. And can have more emotional resolution. Any stressful issue improves when you manage your thoughts and feelings involved with it. You aren't waiting for something about the issue to change in order to feel better. You will gain more peace, clarity and choice.

Mind-body connections and having a sense of wholeness depend on how you respond to triggered reactions. Doing this well improves your resilience, restores genuine self-esteem, and is essential for mental health. It is one of the most important things you can learn to do for yourself.

Accept How You Feel explains why feelings get complicated and cause stressful blockage, how to manage difficult feelings, and the way to let them go for good. This is healing and makes you emotionally stronger!

Mind What You Think sheds light on reactions and habits that cause stress or anxiety, then ways to manage unhelpful thoughts to quickly get on top of them. This unblocks your potential and makes you mentally stronger!


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