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Mini Mandarin Musicians & Players

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Learning Mandarin and music through singing, chanting and moving to nursery rhymes in Mandarin.

The class has two levels:
(1) For younger children (0-2 years), the class opens up a window to explore musicianship and language in a creative way, and to develop body-coordination and mind-concentration in a sequential way.

(2) For older children (2-4 years), along with music curriculum, we integrate theatre into the class. Famous Chinese stories that discuss culture, history, customs and arts are introduced in a fun way to broaden the learning contents and around children's learning motivation.

Mini Mandarin Musicians program has been delivered for three years since 2015 Autumn. Many of our mini musicians have grown up and now are looking for new program to learn Mandarin further, which leads to the inspiration of creating our brand new program:

Mini Mandarin Players!


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