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Insert Terms and Conditions

1. Flyers must be a single sheet of A5 or smaller, weighing 5g or less per flyer. (e.g. A5 flyers printed on 115gsm or 135gsm paper stock will be fine). Please call 01327 830171 if you are unsure if your flyer qualifies.

2. You are responsible for printing your flyers and posting them to Toddle About (full address to be provided on completion of your order)

3. Your flyers must have arrived with us by 5pm on the deadline day provided. If flyers have not arrived by this date, we cannot guarantee that they will be inserted with the magazine.

4. Due to time and space restrictions, cancellations are not possible – money paid is non-refundable.

5. We are dependent on Royal Mail delivery so please allow a margin of error of 2 days for the arrival date of your flyers.

6. Content of the flyers must be deemed suitable by Toddle About for our target audience and Toddle About reserves the right not to insert your flyers with the magazine at our own discretion. Please call 01327 830171 before booking to ask if you are unsure about the suitability of your flyers.

7. You are fully responsible for the content of your flyer, which must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice, and any other applicable legislation or regulatory guide-lines.

Other standard advertising terms and conditions apply

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