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The Magical Underwater Activity Book, worth £9.99

Review by VIP Club Member Helen Ballantyne

Product Information

The Magical Underwater Activity Book is filled with sumptuously Scandinavian-inspired artwork and incorporates a plethora of both real-life as well as some fictitious aquatic characters – it is brimming with a huge variety of imaginative activities for children to do wherever they are.

The environmental impact of humans on the marine ecosystems is subtly referred to from time-to-time to help children understand how important it is for us to look after all things aquatic. Activities include mazes, paper-craft activities, colouring in and scenes to create with help from the included stickers - all with a mystical and magical theme!


It is entirely correct that the word “magical” should be part of the title of this elegant and captivating book. Mia Underwood has combined her creativity with science to offer children a stunning insight into the world’s oceans.

There is a huge amount of content, with a wide range of activities, including prompts for writing stories, colouring, craft templates, games and stickers all apparently designed to stimulate a child’s own imagination and creativity. It is pleasing to see that in between the wonderful colours and creatures, an important message about plastics in our oceans is shared in an age appropriate and thoughtful way.

A very minor point is that my daughter had a slight struggle to access some of the activities because of the spine, although this in no way detracts from the beauty of the book or the enjoyment she gained from it. She loved the stickers, plenty to stick in the book, and spares to play with. My goddaughter loved the encouragement to write a story using the prompts and it linked in really well with her topic at school, ‘my world’. The fact that both girls liked the book, despite a eighteen month age gap is testament to its diverse content. The mermaids and merman were a particular hit!  

Its £9.99 price is a very pleasant surprise as it looks and feels like a much more expensive product. A perfect resource for a rainy day, or just a little quiet time, I can’t wait to share it with my daughter.


Available to purchase here.