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Review: Textured Sensory Stacking Blocks worth £23

Review by VIP Club Member Carla Freeman 


Textured Sensory Blocks


These sensory stacking blocks are such a beautiful design, with engaging patterns, shapes and colours. My son is really into stacking anything he can get his hands on at the moment, but what sets these apart from our standard wooden blocks is the soft and tactile BPA-free silicone they are made from. My son is past the teething stage, but I know he would have loved having a good chew on these! He loves that squeezing each block produces a gentle squeaking sound, and we have played together exploring the different numbers, shapes and images on all the blocks. The colours are beautiful, pastel earthy tones, which compliment our toy shelf wonderfully. What I really love about these blocks is that I can imagine us using them for a long time to come. The designs support shape recognition, number recognition and learning to count, in a toy that is suitable right from babyhood. The only negative is that the soft material sometimes means that the blocks don’t stack fully upright when connected by shape and the tower bends and falls easily, which frustrates my ambitious little builder! But it’s all part of learning to problem-solve for him, and I do believe the positives far outweigh this little negative. We will enjoy many hours of play from these beautiful little blocks.