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Review: Zazu Sleeptrainer & Nightlight Pam The Penguin, £39.99

Zazu-Image-2-WEBReview written by Toddle About VIP Club Member, Sarah Williams Pam the penguin from Zazu made a very cute addition to our little girl's room and she loved it.  It glows at night, acting as a nightlight and you can choose the colour of the light. It had a handy function that let us set the time that she was supposed to get up, and the colour changed to orange with 30 mins to go and green when she was allowed to come out and get mummy & daddy! I particularly liked the warning element which was simpler to explain to her than other similar clocks that we've used. We had quite a bit of success and most of the time she waits till it turns green before shouting - it's get up time! It also has a functionality that allows you to play music via wifi. It recommended using Spotify to play a dedicated Zazu playlist. Maybe it's because I don't normally use spotify, but I found it unhelpful having to listen to adverts whilst trying to settle my little girl. I'm sure that someone more technically aware could find a better way to stream music or stories.  That was the only negative that I found to this cute little penguin.