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Review: Tractor Ted Wooden Farm Toys in a Bag, worth £12.99

Tractor Ted Wooden Farm Toys in BagReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Christine and Thomas Justice (aged 3 years and 6 months) .

Who doesn’t love a beautiful wooden toy! When Toddle About gave us the opportunity to review the Tractor Ted Wooden Farm Toys I knew my son would give me his honest opinion.


In this set there are 8 wooden figures contained in a sturdy clear carry bag with a zip, 2 Tractors, 1 Digger, a Pig, a Sheep, a Duck, a Cow and a Horse.


The figures are a good size and smooth shape for smaller hands. No sharp edges or catchy bits, which is something I always look out for when I know that the tiny toddlers could easily get hold of them.


The colours of each piece are bold, the detailing is really nice and it’s obvious which animals and vehicles they are and in the words of my 3 year old “They have nice faces and the duck is really happy”.


The bag they came in is a good size and all the pieces went back inside ‘child style’ without breaking the zip so they can be tidied away by the little ones. There’s nothing more annoying than something coming in a bag that you can only get back in in a certain way (or not at all) so that’s definitely a plus point.


To give it the full test we even took it out to dinner and it kept my little one well entertained before and after our meal!


I think this would make a lovely present for any child that loves imaginative play and the price is pretty reasonable too. 


I was a bit disappointed that each toy was individually wrapped in plastic rather than something like paper, what with the current situation with single use plastics. I feel it would have also been nicer to have had a hessian or fabric style bag maybe rather than a plastic one for the same reasons but overall we were pretty pleased with this product. 


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