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Review: Tot's Playtime Box, from £16.90 - £21.15 per month

Review by VIP Club Member Charlotte Ling

Tabitha and I were really excited to be able to do a review on this product and we were impressed by the number of activities included in the box.

The theme of the box was Colours of the Rainbow and the activities targeted a lot of different skill sets in a fun way. One of things we loved most about the box was that each activity came with a set of instructions and suggestions of ways you could interact, such as learning new words, talking about favourite colours etc.

The first activity we tried was the rainbow colour match, where we matched different cards with the corresponding rainbow colour. Tabitha loved this activity and especially loved shouting out the colours as she went along. We then matched the cards based on type; food, shape etc which kept her entertained for a long time!

Her favourite activity in the pack was the colour mixing game. It came with colour drops and pipettes and she loved filling them and mixing the colours and spent ages talking about what colours she had made.

She also loved the craft activity making a sun and rainbow and I thought it was great that it came with everything needed, including the tape.

I was impressed with the activity book as it was packed with things to do and touched a variety of skills. Tabitha was a bit too young for some of the pages but I think most of them could be adapted to suit.

Overall, the quality of the items included were great and the pack would be good value for money. The only downside was that the felt tip pens didn’t have to be pressed down that hard for the tip to disappear.

Although my daughter was younger than the targeted age range, I think all the products were adaptable to suit different ages and would be great to keep siblings occupied!

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