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Review: Thumbsie, worth £9.95

ThumbsieReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Louisa Mann. My daughter Leah is 3 years & 3 months old. She has sucked her thumb right from being a newborn. As a newborn baby she refused a dummy, all she wanted for comfort was to suck her thumb & twiddle her hair. When the Thumbsie's arrived through the post I showed Leah & she got quite excited about the lovely patterns & colours of them. I explained what they were and she agreed to put one on, she chose the unicorn one straight away. I put it on her and she was happy for about 10 minutes until she went to put her thumb in her mouth! She then got very frustrated and started crying, I calmed her down and managed to distract her.

Later when she went for a nap she wanted it off so she could suck her thumb to go to sleep. I took it off, she sucked her thumb then fell asleep, when she woke up she refused to let me put it back on her and got quite upset so I left it off. The next morning I tried again to put it on and she refused, I bribed her saying that she could have some sweets if she put it on and she finally let me put it back on, however after she'd eaten her sweets she decided that she didn't want it on anymore and took it off herself, every time I managed to get it back on her she removed it within minutes. I believe that these Thumbsie's will be a great reminder for someone who sucks their thumb out of habit and actually wants to stop sucking their thumb, unfortunately they didn't work for my daughter but I believe they could be of great help to others. My daughter & I both loved all the different designs and patterns that were available to choose from, there is one downside I think people might find is that as they are worn more and more, overtime the Velcro fastening may become worn, I feel that maybe a press stud would be better. Purchase from