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REVIEW: The Irish Fairy Door Company - Interactive Worry Plaque, £19.95

The Worry Plaque

Review written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Kellie-Jayne Clare.

My 4-year-old daughter, Lilyana, is a sweet, funny and very clever little girl.  As such, she is prone to over thinking.  She tends to worry about things and, like most children her age, she has trouble dealing with her feelings.  So, when I was asked to review the worry plaque I thought, ‘This is perfect!’.

The Worry Plaque is an interactive battery-operated disc that is made from moulded plastic and is shaped like a section of log. It has built in brackets on the back so that it can be mounted on the wall of your child’s bedroom, (with the screws provided).

To activate the plaque, your child must place their hand into the hand print shaped indentation on the front. When it glows red, your child can tell their worry to the fairies.  After a short period of time, the hand print turns green indicating that the fairies have heard the worry and have taken it away.  The Irish Fairy door company’s website explains that the worry is then turned into fairy dust and used by the fairies to grant wishes.

When I explained how to use the plaque to my daughter, the whole concept delighted her. As she used it, her little face lit up, and when I asked her how she felt, she told me ‘Mummy it really works!’. 

For me, a mother who has spent countless nights trying to help my daughter deal with very real anxieties, this simple but effective plaque is absolutely genius and I’m sure any parent would agree, well worth the £19.95 they charge.

My daughter had so much fun with it, that she spent the whole weekend making up worries, just so the fairies won’t run out of fairy dust! 

The Worry Plaque The Worry Plaque

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