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Review: Taf Toys Tissue Wonder Box

By Emma & Joey (and big bro Charlie)

Upon hearing we had been selected to trial the Taf Toys Tissue Wonder Box, I was incredibly excited. This is because my 13month old has recently taken to pulling all of the wipes out of the packet over and over again in recent weeks, so I pictured a harmonious environment of him playing with this toy over and over again whilst leaving the baby wipes alone.

Once we had received the toy, I waited for the first time he reached for the wipes (literally within 3 minutes of the post being delivered), and replaced the wipes with this box in his hands.

He absolutely loved pulling the handkerchief style squares out of the box, and paid some interest to the more complex squares which make crackling sounds and have an incredibly soft fleece to them.

Hurrah! The wipes can stay in their packaging, I thought with glee!

After the initial excitement wore off for my little one, he took to putting other random objects in the box, such as wooden blocks, duplo and such like. He was able to remove the lid with ease, but not replace it. This led to two specific problems; 1) the box itself is made of cardboard. Without the rigid lid holding it firmly in place it is not quite as strong and has been crushed a little, which now makes it difficult to put the lid back on, and 2) the lid upturned on the floor makes for lego-level of pain if you accidentally step on it (or as my three-year old found out – twice in the last two days – falling onto it on your bottom).

I think the product would be much better if it was made out of something more robust than cardboard, and if the contents were just the simple handkerchief style things rather than the complex ones, as to be honest we would not pay more than £9/10 for this toy.

My son continues to enjoy putting things in and out of other things - the Taf box has become one of these things - but we’ve glued the lid on to help with keeping it rigid and safe.

We liked…

  • The bright coloured material squares
  • The box for general play
  • The idea behind the box and potential saving on wipes

Room for improvement…

  • The more complex material squares simply aren’t needed
  • The material the box is made out of is far too flimsy
  • The lid of the box is difficult to get on and stay on the box after a couple of uses
  • My son *still* keeps emptying the wipes!

Available to buy from Halilit