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Review: STOCKED Food

Review by Toddle About HQ

After hearing about STOCKED food, we were intrigued by what it was, it just looked too good to be to true to be able to get some high quality, frozen ready made food that was not your everyday 'ready meal'.

When we received our box of goodies through to try, we were immediately impressed. The box that the food came in was quirky and full of ideas and the delivery was spot on, being frozen food, you always wonder if the food, by the time it is delivered, is going to be partially defrosted, but this was not the case, still completely frozen as if we had just taken them out of the freezer, very impressive!

Each packet of food contains 8 blocks, so you can choose how every many blocks you wish to use for your meal, depending on what you are looking to cook. To give you an idea, STOCKED say that 2 blocksĀ works great for a wrap, 3 blocks with rice, or 4 completely on their own.

There is also a really great selection of meat and plant based choices that you can choose from so there is something to suit all tastes.

We feel that STOCKED food is absolutely brilliant for busy parents, they are super quick, super easy and absolutely delicious, so full of amazing flavour and is really nice to try different foods that you wouldn't normally think to cook yourself, and another great thing, the blocks heat up in just 10 minutes on a hob or 4 minutes in a microwave, which is great when the kids are starting to get 'hangry!"

We also liked it that the packets, as well as the website, give you some great recipe ideas of what to try the food with to make it a meal.

STOCKED offers a subscription box where you can choose 4 or 6 packets of your choice to have every week, every month, whatever you choose or you can just purchase a one off box to try out or to have as and when you fancy.

We would highly recommend STOCKED food, whether you are looking to ditch the takeaways and eat healthier, or are just looking for quick and easy meals with a difference, then please do take a look, you won't be disappointed.

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