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Review: Stib Inspirational Colouring Pencils, worth £6.95

Stib Inspirational Colouring PencilsReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Katie Guest. On receipt of these pencils, the first thing that struck me was the cure, natural looking tube packaging which would attract a variety of ages. On opening the tube, I was surprised to find now only a dinky set of chunky colouring pencils, but there was also a sharpener and a lovely activity sheet. As stating on the packaging, each pencil is printed with an inspiring word. Each word matches with a 'Stibler Animal Character' all of which are printed on the activity sheet. Sadly most of the activities were a bit too advanced for my just-turned 2 year old, but for an older child (probably 3+) I think it would keep them entertained for a good while!

The pencils are the perfect length and thickness for my little first with an ergonomic shape which enabled her to keep a firm grip whilst in use. In comparison to our other pencils, I would say that these are a much better product that others my daughter had used. These are certainly ideal for toddlers due to their shape and size, and they would make a great travel product for older children as the packaging design makes them easily portable without taking up much space. Despite being 'minis' I would expect these pencils to last for some time. The tube packaging also worked a treat in encouraging my little girl to tidy up (always a bonus in my book) when she'd finished and she enjoyed putting the pencils back in the tube. Overall I would recommend these colouring pencils, although they are a bit pricey, the additional of the activity sheet and the 'inspirational' wording makes then a more unique and attractive product. As my daughter is still very young I don't believe she got the full benefit of the idea Stib are putting across in this product, but I definitely think this would suit an older child. Purchase from