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Review: Start-Rite #JoJo Loves Collection Pre-Walkers and First Shoes, worth £32.99

Review by VIP Club Member Megan Bailey

We were very happy to have been chosen to do a review of the JoJo Maman Bébé Start-Rite pre-walker and first shoes collection. We chose the navy lion trainer shoes which are a cute and versatile design that work well with lots of outfits; looking great with both shorts and trousers. They have a trainer style that looks casual, whilst also looking like a shoe for a smarter occasion.

The lion print is really fun and when I opened the box my little boy (age 1) kept saying “ROAAARR”, so I think he liked them too.

They feel really well made, with a sturdy back but a soft flexible sole, this meant my little boy could walk well in them from the moment he put them on, whereas other trainer shoes he has worn have taken some getting used to. The upper part of the shoe also feels soft and like it would be comfortable to wear. In addition, the Velcro gives my little one a level of independence as although he is still unable to put the shoes on himself, he can get them opened up ready to put on and take them off himself when we return home.

Some downsides to the design are that the sturdy back makes them a bit hard to get on at first and caused a bit of a rubbing spot after a day in them, I assume however that this would soften over time. I am also a little disappointed that they don’t come in a wider fit, although the Velcro can be adjusted to fit a wider foot it results in the underside of the Velcro showing, which inevitably collects dirt, fluff and leaves throughout the day.

If I were to give the shoes a rating out of 5, I would give them 4, they look great and I would choose the design over and over again, but the fit could be better.