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Review: Start-Rite Football Slip On Wellies, worth £28.00

We have been lucky enough to be gifted a pair of the Start-Rite Kids Wellies to try out during the winter months and they have been brilliant.

My son is football obsessed, so when I was looking through the range to choose what style of wellington boot we wanted, I immediately spotted the Green Football Slip On Waterproof Wellies and knew straight away that they were the pair to go for.

When we received the wellies and I showed them to my son, he wanted to try them on immediately and take our dog for a walk, I don't know who was more excited, my son or the dog!!

I passed the boots to my son who got them on with ease, which is always handy when trying to get everyone ready and out of the door and he liked it that the top of the boot could be adjusted so that they were more snug against his leg and he could jump in more puddles, knowing that the water and mud wouldn't got over the top of his wellies and down inside of them which usually happens and results in rather wet legs and feet.  I thought that this was a really is a great feature of the boot.

Another feature of the boot that I really like is the little heel kick at the back of the boot, this helps the wearer of the boot to take the boots off themselves, by placing one foot onto the heel kick plate and pushing down on the boot, whilst pulling your other foot up, it definitely saves getting lots of mud, dirt and water on your hands that's for sure.

When we got back from our walk, I asked my son what he thought of the wellies and his response was "I love them mum, they are really comfortable and kept my feet warm, but the best thing about them is they look cool".

So all in all, these boots are a real hit, by what my son said about them and my thoughts being, they are really well made and are of great quality, so I know they are easily going to last him until he outgrows them.

We had the 'Big Puddle' boots, which come in sizes S9 - L2, but they also have the 'Little Puddle' boots, which come in sizes S4 - S8.

I would highly recommend these boots to parents of any puddle jumping loving children.

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