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Review: Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor, worth £149.99

eufy SpaceView Baby MonitorReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Sarah Hartwell. Out of the box, this monitor is a simple plug and go system with the camera just needing to be plugged in using one of the micro USB cables provided. You do have to fully charge the monitor before use though, which is a bit of a pain as there appears to be no clear indication of when this is charge is complete, it took about 45 minutes before it appeared to be fully charged. Once charged, the monitor is really intuitive to use and has some good features such as sound alert, two-way talk and zoom. One of the best features is that you can move the camera remotely using the monitor - handy if you have a baby that likes to roll around the cot like mine does! With the video on at all times (you can also put it on a sleep mode to turn off the screen after a set time) the monitor lasted around 6 hours before it needed charging again.

The camera gives a really clear picture, for both the colour and night vision images, and the large 5 inch screen means that you get a great view of your little one. In contrast, the camera design is not the most baby-friendly. Being top-heavy, the camera is quite easy to knock over if you have it standing on a side table, however, I can see this problem being averted if you use the wall mount that the camera comes with (though we haven’t tried this yet). The other issue is that the camera has a large bright light on the front, which our little one often stares at from his cot, although it hasn’t prevented him from falling asleep so far. The camera also comes with an additional wide-angle lens, which does what it says on the tin. We are mostly using the normal lens at the moment, but the wide-angle lens will really come into its own when we need to keep an eye on our little one in a bigger area. Overall, I’ve been impressed with this monitor- it’s easy to use, with a clear picture and great camera mobility. Buy from Amazon