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Review: Sound of the Farm: Baa Moo! Noisy Farm Book, worth £9.99

Sounds of the Farm: Baa Moo! Noisy Farm BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Claire Hearsum. We love books in our household, and we were very excited to have a new one to review! I was slightly sceptical about a noisy one, our current noisy books are confined to a high shelf as one irritating growl tends to go off randomly…  but I was delighted to find a noisy item that has an on / off switch! The book isn’t flimsy, and the tabs with the sound buttons on appear fairly robust (only time will tell) so our first impressions are great! I sat down with my inquisitive 10 month old and opened the book – within seconds my curious 3 year old wanted in on the action, and jumped up too. What a delight! We explored HH the horse, Sophie the sheep and discovered the added bonus of a short quiz / naming / pointing game (depending on the age of your child) at the end!! Both girls were entranced by the book.

The book has nice visuals - the pictures are uncluttered and colourful without being garish. The animals are the appropriate colour (I’ve spent far too many stories answering a 3 year olds ‘but why is the pig blue?’ rather than concentrating on the tale) The font is suitably large for Granny to read without needing her reading glasses too. The noise button needed a fair squeeze to produce the sound (my 3 year old mastered it pretty quickly!) but they are good noises for the animals - my 3 year old loves the cow moo with the cow bell. The story is short, but perfect for little ones. A few weeks on, the book is holding up well to being read, and occasionally fought over, and is still a firm favourite. The sounds haven’t driven me to distraction yet (thank you off switch!) and the sound buttons are all working well. A lovely book which we’ve really enjoyed reading, a definite thumbs up from us! Purchase from Amazon