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Review: Snoozzzy Weighted Blanket

Review by Lou from Toddle About HQ.

Since my son Joey, now age 6 was little, he has always liked to keep me on my toes every minute of every day, including night time. He always has and still will go to bed no problem at all, although he likes the comfort of a cuddle whilst he drops off to sleep and when he wakes up during the night (which has pretty much been every single night since he was born), he still needs that comfort, I thought he would grow out of it as he got older, but that definitely hasn’t been the case so I felt that I needed to look around for something that may help, trust me, judging by the bags under my eyes it will show that I would be willing to try anything!! 

Joey is currently being tested for ASD and I have heard a lot recently about weighted blankets being good and helpful for people that are diagnosed with this, so I thought it was something worth looking in to, but I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t want to just go and get the first one I saw, so after some looking around, I came across Snoozzzy, who have the only UK weighted blanket designed exclusively for children, and so I got in contact with the lovely L
ouise, founder of Snoozzzy, who couldn’t have been any more helpful if she tried. I wanted to ensure that I got the correct product that would be the most beneficial for Joey and also I wanted to know the reason why the weighted blankets are meant to be so good, Louise was there to answer any questions that I had, even with battling with doing her stock take at the time :-)

For those that are curious as to how a weighted blanket works and how it can help, the weight of the blanket on the body encourages the brain to create higher levels of relaxing chemicals such as melatonin, serotonin and cortisol all of which help the user feel calm and relaxed which will then mean they are able to fall asleep quicker and have a deep, better quality of sleep. Louise said that if Joey suffers from any kind of separation anxiety, the blanket should essentially make him feel like he is having a big hug and therefore I would be quite reassuring for him.

There are various different weights and sizes of blanket and all I had to do was provide Joey’s age and weight to ensure he got the right one, which turned out to be a 7lb blanket. I then decided to chat to Joey about the blanket so he knew what was coming and what really helped was getting the Snoozzzy Owl Cuddly Toy that is available as well, as this is what I used as a starting point, saying that a new cuddly Teddy was coming to visit (Joey loves his teddy’s) and that he was coming with a special blanket that he liked to use as a comfort blanket to make him feel relaxed, safe and secure. Joey then got very excited and kept asking daily when his new Teddy was going to arrive.

When the day of the delivery came, we had a very excited boy, upon opening it, I loved how beautifully packaged it was and when Joey saw the box, he said “Mummy, Snoozzzy has arrived” so we welcomed Snoozzzy the Owl and his special blanket and set them up straight away in Joey’s bed. I was a bit worried as Joey wasn’t sure about the blanket straight away as it was obviously very different to his usual lightweight duvet that he was used to, however, we persevered and he soon got used to it, even if he had a sleepover in his big sisters room, he would take his blanket and Teddy with him. We started to notice a change in Joey’s sleeping, he would fall asleep nicely with it and although it hasn’t been a miracle cure.....YET....we have seen a big change in Joey sleeping better and going through the night more often than before, which we have been waiting for for the past 5-6 years, so me and his dad are finally getting some better nights, uninterrupted sleep 😃

There is a lovely choice of covers that you can choose from and you can build your own bundle, Joey has a lovely dinosaur cover, that is super easy to attach to the blanket so it can be easily washed, the quality is great, very well made and is lovely and soft and so is Snoozzzy the Owl Teddy, which you can choose to add as part of your bundle, purchase it on it's own or you can just choose the blanket, the choice is yours.

There are other options available to purchase, not just the blankets, there are Sensory Bedsheets and Weighted Sensory Lap Pads (this is what we will be looking into next to help Joey daily as and when he may need it).

I would highly recommend one of these blankets to anybody, I have even had this laid over me and found how nice it was and that’s just a lighter weight one suitable for Joey, so would be interesting to see what an adult one would be like, don’t think I would ever want to get out of bed though.

For anybody that is interested in finding out more about these, I would suggest you get in touch with Louise as I am pretty sure that she would be more than happy to help you answer any questions you may have and she has also kindly offered the readers a followers of Toddle About a Unique Discount of 
15% Off any of the Snoozzzy range by using code 'TODDLE15'.

Here’s to many more, full nights of uninterrupted sleep 🤞🏻😴