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Review: Simba Hybrid® Mattress Topper

We received a Simba Hybrid Mattress Topper to review and you can see below what our thoughts were on it.

Firstly, and most foremost…WOW, this mattress topper is amazing and is honestly like sleeping on a cloud.

After the mattress topper had been ordered, the communication from Simba and the courier that they use was faultless, keeping you up to date on when your delivery was going to be, with an hours time slot, so you are not left waiting around all day for your delivery.

Upon delivery of the mattress topper, we opened up the box that it came and initially were slightly worried that they had sent the wrong size, but this was only down to the fantastic packaging of the product. We had the King Size mattress topper which had been folded in half and then rolled up, before being covered in the packing and vacuum sealed.

We laid the packaging on the bed and opened it up and that is when the topper sprang into life, so we unfolded the topper and got it in place on the bed, before placing the fitted corners straps in place around the corners of the mattress, which is great for keeping your topper firmly in place whilst you sleep on it, especially when you are a wriggly sleeper like me.

We had been using a mattress topper before this one, but it wasn’t a patch on the Simba topper, this one is 7cm thick so it gives you plenty of cushioning and also some added height to your bed (which is always helpful for my taller partner when he try’s to get up off our lower bed).

The topper is made up of 4 layers:
1) A supersoft, breathable sleep surface
2) Cooling Simbatex foam comfort layer
3) Up to 2,500 aerocoil spring support layer
4) High density certipur foam base

Another great feature of this topper is that there is a removable, washable cover which I think is a great idea as a lot of mattress toppers don’t come with this feature, meaning you are unable to wash them to keep them fresh and therefore, don’t usually last as long.

Like I mentioned in the first sentence, my main word for this mattress topper is just WOW, it is the most comfortable topper that I have ever experience. I do suffer with back and hip pain which I do find can be aggravated after a night’s sleep, but already since using the Simba topper, I haven’t experienced this at all, it really is a dream to sleep on and really helps with getting a good night sleep.

I have always looked at the Simba Mattresses and said to myself “one day I will have one of those”, and this has given me even more incentive to save up and purchase an actual Simba Mattress. Another great thing that Simba offer is a 200-night risk-free trial and a 10-year guarantee, which I think is just brilliant and gives me lot's of confidence with the company.

I would say the only thing that you have to be prepared for with having this mattress topper, is the kids also love it too, so I find I am having to kick them out of my bed at times and it looks like I will be having to look at purchasing a topper for their beds as well, which I feel could well be a winner if they if gives them a better night sleep (and me a little lie in).

All in all, I am super impressed with this and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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