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Review: Sillyboo Silly Maxi Set, worth £39.95

Review by VIP Club Member Clara Wilding

First impressions:
The set was well packaged and presented and appeared very well made. There is a bowl, divided plate, cup (with straw lid and snack lid), bib and cutlery set, I don't think you need much more!

Plate & Bowl:
We loved these, the plate was handy for serving a choice of foods. We were previously using another similar plate but this one seems harder wearing and the suction to the table is much better. The bowl is a good size with a high lip on one side, this helped my daughter a lot when eating cereal as she could push it up the side to scoop it up. Rosie (2) is a fairly confident eater but does spill a bit when using a regular bowl but not with this! Both the bowl and plate cleaned up great and did not stain easily which is a definite plus!

The cutlery looks and feels great, I did find them a little big for my 2 year old so I think a 6 month old might struggle when embarking on their weaning journey. They were however ergonomic and Rosie seemed to hold them comfortably, she did also choose these over others in the draw.

As Rosie is now 2, she no longer uses a bib as her eating is reasonably mess free (usually!). We did however try the bib on her and found it fit well and the tray would definitely catch any spills. It has plenty of adjustment for different neck sizes and is a nice soft rubber so wouldn't rub. We did find it a little cumbersome due to the nature of the bib, we preferred a softer muslin style bib when weaning but that's just personal preference.

Cup/Snack Bowl:
We loved that the lid could be changed making this a 3 in 1 (straw cup, open cup & snack pot). As with all items it was easy to clean. We did find the straw was very small and easily lost in the washing up bowl, Rosie was also tempted to chew it at times but I'm not sure there is a way to avoid this! Rosie has never used this style of snack pot before so it took a little getting use to and she didn't like that she couldn't see the snacks she was grabbing. However, she found it easy to use once she got the hang of it, I do think we'll probably use this as an open cup more than anything though but again, that's personal preference and probably just because Rosie is 2, if we were in the early stages of weaning we'd definitely reach for the straw more often I think.

Overall, I was very pleased with this set and Rosie seems to get on with it well. We continue to use most of the items from the set and even after being used daily for a few weeks they still look brand new (even beans didn't stain them!). The suction on the bowl and plate is great and Rosie isn't able to unstick it as easy as others so that's a definite bonus! If I was being picky I'd say the cutlery is a little on the large size, the bib is a little cumbersome and and snack pot lid is a little fiddly but I think that's definitely personal preference based on what we've gotten use to and it definitely wouldn't deter me from buying this set or recommending it to others!

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