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Review: Rachel Ellen Thermos FUNtainer Flask/Bottle/Lunch Kit Set, worth £55

Review by VIP Club Member Nicola Asker

We were so pleased to be chosen to review this product. It’s been a real hit!

The bottle is now the one we use most days as it does a really good job of keeping drinks cold (we haven’t tested hot yet) which has been amazing in the recent warm weather. I tried some icy water which had been in the bottle for a few hours and was so impressed that we ended up ordering adult versions for myself and husband which we now use daily too. Of course, ours aren’t as colourful but the unicorn design is approved of by my four year old daughter. She is able to easily open and close the lid by herself (unlike a Sistema one we had recently) and it is easy to clean. It’s been dropped a few times already unsurprisingly and has proven itself to be very robust. I have no negative comments at all and would definitely recommend it.

The lunch bag has been used less often so far but we did take it with us for a picnic. It’s just the right size for our yumboxes as well as some cheaper Tupperware we have, with enough space for a few ice packs to help keep them cold. Again, lovely design on the outside and insulated on the inside. Haven’t actively tested how well it keeps things warm or cold but haven’t had any noticeable issues.

Overall, it’s a great set and the items both work well individually or together for a day out or picnic. The water bottle is also great for every day drinking as it really does a fantastic job of keeping water cold. I think in future we may add the food flask to our collection too for hot or cold snacks.

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