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Review: playHOORAY Mini Pack playPROMPTS, worth £17.25

playHOORAY Mini Pack playPROMPTSReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Kimberley Bick. My little boy (just turned 2) have had great fun using the card prompts.  We’ve turned the music up and drawn to the music which was very funny as he kept having to stop to show me his dancing and then carry on but it’s amazing to see how much rhythm he has! We’ve had a music day and filled empty bottles up with rice, sugar, pasta and water and added some elastic bands to a container and created a musical band for Mummy, Daddy, Seb and his big sister! We swapped them around and had a competition of who could be the loudest!

We’ve played dress up and got mummy’s stethoscope out so he could be a doctor and hear all the different noises through the stethoscope which he enjoyed immensely!  We also used a mixing bowl as a space helmet and we made rocket noises as we flew up Into space!! We’ve enjoyed a welly walk through the local wood looking out for bears on our bear hunt and making noises of different animals we may come across in a jungle!!!!! People thought we were crazy walking through roaring like lions and making monkey noises!! We thought it was great and spent the majority of the time laughing! The cards have reduced our tv time and just given us that extra bit of inspiration to have lots of fun on our rare days off together as a family. They’ve given us laughter and also plenty of things to think about and make and do! Thank you, we would highly recommend :-) Purchase from