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Review: Orchard Toys Rainforest Match Game, worth £9.00

Review by VIP Club Member Melissa Round.

Being familiar with the Orchard Toys range, we enjoyed playing the new 'Rainforest Match' game.

My 4 year old really liked spinning the wheels, and playing the option for older players combining colours and animals in a bid to build the tallest tree. He found this really exciting and got him thinking about the best way to beat parents or younger brother and sister!

My twins (age 2¾) could join in too, playing the simpler version of the game which just gets younger players to spin the colour or the animal wheel. Even though its recommended age range is 3-7 years, slightly younger ones familiar with their colours or animals can join in just as well. They didn't know what a sloth was though so they had fun learning about that animal!

The game has 3 different levels and ways to play, which is really appealing if you have varying aged children. It also means you can pick an option to suit your mood or if one player has a preference for that particular game. The versatility is great and keeps little people interested. You can count the animals as well so a bit of maths too... without them realising!

A top game which everyone can join in with, which gets family talking, taking a break from screen time and fun fun fun! I really highly recommended it!

Available to buy from Orchard Toys