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Review: Mini U Bath Set for Kids, worth £53

Review by VIP Club Member Clara Wilding

We were very excited to try out the Mini U Bath Set for Kids and here is our review of the products.

Hair & Body Wash:

This product was a handy 2 in 1 product that smells great, we found it particularly useful for a quick wash off after swimming but it worked just as well for bath times. We loved that it had a pump on the bottle which made it easy to get some shampoo whilst trying to control a wriggly baby.

Shampoo & Conditioner:

These products had a lovely delicate scent, different to other products within the range which all tend to have quite strong scents and colours. They cleaned my daughters hair well and left it glossy and smelling lovely and fresh. Whist my 8 month old doesn't use conditioner very often it was a nice treat for an extra long bath time, I did however prefer the 2 in 1 hair and body wash for ease and we would prefer a pump on the bottles.

Detangling Spray:

A blast from the past! This product reminded me of detangling spray I used as a child. It was effective but also has a lovely apple scent. Whilst my 8 month old doesn't have particularly long or thick hair which requires detangling I found it made her hair lovely and soft and after trying this myself on my super thick hair I can confirm it works great, leaves the hair smelling and feeling fresh and doesn't leave the hair greasy! It will definitely be staying in my swimming bag!

Bubble Baths (Sparkling Strawberry and Raspberry Bubblegum):

We loved these, they made the bath a very bright colour which we were a little surprised about at first (most baby bath products are very boring!) but they didn't stain or cause any problems with my daughters eczema, I imagine the bright colours and extra bubbles would be more fun for an older child. They smelt nice, our favourite was the Bubblegum Raspberry which didn't smell much like Bubblegum, more like blue raspberry. Whilst we don't always use bubble bath it was a fun addition and I'm sure if my daughter could tell me she liked them she would!

Hand Wash:

A nice product again although this didn't get much use from our 8 month old as she's too young. My partner and I did try this out and found it to lather up well and was effective on most things. I'm sure this would have no problem killing germs, also in a nice handy pump bottle which we loved!

Hair Styling Cream & Bath Bombs:

These were not really suitable for testing with an 8 month old however my partner tried the hair styling cream and found it to be a good but light hold styling cream which washed out easily and didn't leave the hair feeling crispy. I tested the bath bombs and thought they worked really well and didn't leave the bath too gritty, I would however recommend using 2 for a full bath as 1 was a little underwhelming, I imagine 1 in a smaller bath would be perfect though!

Overall these are great products which I will continue to buy. We will definitely be purchasing more of the 2 in 1 wash and bubble bath when we run out. The products tick all the boxes for us as well as being cruelty free and delicate enough to be suitable for newborns. Some of the products have a strong scent which wouldn't be for everyone but I didn't find at of the smells offensive and my daughter seemed to love bath time with her products! My daughter also has eczema and I found that none of these products made it worse which was a win for us!

Available to buy from Mini U