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Review: Little Pickle Hedgehog Soft Leather Baby Shoes, worth between £12.99 & £13.99

Review by VIP Club Member Lily Rose

I'm honestly not sure who loves these Little Pickle Hedgehog shoes more, my husband and I or our daughter!!

The design is adorable, fun, and suits any gender. My daughter's face lit up when she saw them, and tried to take them from me and put them on herself!! The hedgehog on each shoe is stitched in really well. The rich colours and detail set these apart from just any other shoe. In fact, the whole shoe is made really well. I have no doubt these shoes will last much longer than my daughter will be able to fit in them! The leather of the shoe and the sole are of great quality, so I don't see these wearing down anytime soon, even with how much our girl is on the move these days.

We ordered a size 12-18 as our little one was growing out of her size 4s into a 5, and they fit great. The strong elastic keeps the shoe snug, while also allowing for plenty of stretch as she grows. It also allows for a great fit even if your little bubba has some wider feet, because the way the shoe is made, it will flex around any foot shape. I think one of my favourite parts is the elastic, because unlike other shoes with velcro straps to hold them tight, my daughter can't just undo and slip these off even if she wanted to. There will be no more shoes that she's snuck off and lost while in the trolley or pram because I diverted my eyes for a millisecond to grab some milk.

While the leather sole is slip-resistant and great for new walkers, some parents might want to be cautious of using the shoes in very rainy weather. Naturally, leather can only take so much!! Other than that, these are the perfect shoes for any little one!! I would definitely recommend these to anyone, an easy five out of five stars.

Available to buy from Dotty Fish