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Review: Little Hands Learning Box, worth £27

Review by VIP Club Member Victoria and Charlotte Coombes

Little Hands Learning Educational, Eco-friendly Subscription Box (Earth Box) - reviewed by Charlotte Bucktrout, age 6.

Our subscription box was greeted with much excitement and on opening it did not disappoint - a beautifully packaged activity box inspired by the the story of 'The Girl who Planted Trees' written by Carly Hart.

The concept of this subscription boxes is to encourage a range of crafts and activities that can be enjoyed by children and are inspired by the accompanying story book. 
All the materials required for the activities are provided in the box, together with instruction cards to follow and with a QR code on the inside of each box, there are plenty of photos and ideas online to complement these.

Charlotte really engaged with the story and was keen to get her hands dirty straight away with planting the Basil seeds. The instructions were easy to follow and there are lots of references back to the book together with questions and suggestions for additional activities, so you can make the activity last as long as is suitable for your child or your time.

The first activity wet our appetite and so we moved on to a craft activity of making a windsock. Again, another fun and straight forward activity, only challenged by the tin of glue being so adhesive that we were unable to open it! The craft involved cutting and gluing, two of Charlotte's favourite pastimes so it was definitely a success, although she took some persuading that her two coloured paper streamers were as good as the three colours that the child on the app had.

The other activities in our box were learning about the Watercycle using a picture mat and a lovely tin of playdough - I thought this was a great way of adapting an activity that all young children can enjoy into something educational by getting them to add playdough balls to the picture to represent the water movement. The final activity was making wildflower seed bombs out of powdered clay, another great hands-on outdoor activity to encourage children to grow their own plants. Our garden already has wild flowers for this year so we are saving this activity for another day when we are ready to plant some more.

Overall, we both thoroughly enjoyed the book and range of crafts and detailed activities and felt that it had been very well thought out and put together.

Available to buy from Little Hands Learning.