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Review: Little Brian Scribble Paint Sticks, worth £16.00

Review by VIP Club Member Abi Cole.

My two-year-old son, Dylan, loves to do anything crafty, usually the messier the better for him! I try to avoid paint though as it just gets everywhere! So I was delighted to be able to try out these paint sticks with him.

They come in a sturdy cardboard box with a plastic insert, containing 18 paint sticks:

* 6 classic paint sticks
* 6 day glow paint sticks (fluorescent)
* 6 metallic paint sticks

We were impressed with the range of colours and particularly liked the slight sparkle in the metallic paint sticks. All of the colours came out very vibrantly when you painted with them. Sometimes I noticed that small lumps of paint would appear on the line Dylan was drawing but we found that as long as we drew over the line again the lumps would disappear.

The lids to the paint sticks are very secure. To close them you need to push hard until they click. To begin with, Dylan couldn’t open or close the lids by himself which meant he couldn’t use them independently. Opportunities to be independent are a big thing for him so this resulted in some frustration! However, once I loosened each of the lids, he was then able to pull the lids off on his own - not replacing any of them of course, but choosing to distribute them in various locations around the room! Please say its not just my child that does this?!

Dylan could hold these paint sticks easily so, with some adult support for the lids, I would say they are suitable from two years old. I think older children would also enjoy using them. Inevitably, the paint got all over the hardwood floor but washed off very easily with a wet wipe. It also washed out of clothes well.

The only thing to make these better would be if they came in a proper container of some kind to make them easier to store, rather than just the plastic insert inside the box. We’ve played with them for a week and the cardboard box they’re in is still holding strong but I’m not sure how long it’ll last.

We really enjoyed using these and I’m sure we will for a while. They are definitely a fantastic, much cleaner alternative to paint and Dylan has enjoyed using them more than pencils or crayons.

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